How to guide

The main purpose of this “how to guide” is to provide complex directions on how to maintain, troubleshoot, use or clean your Dixon mower. If your troubleshooting require parts replacement you will need to purchase those at a local dealer or service station.

How to clean Dixon mower deck and replace dull blades?

How often and how to sharpen Dixon mower blades?

Should a torque wrench be used when installing blades?

A torque wrench should be used for installing blades. Usage of any air tools to tighten the blade bolts is prohibited

How to go backward on a Dixon mower?

Once in neutral position, gently pull both drive control levers toward you, your mower will immediately reverse

How to go forward on a Dixon mower?

Once in neutral position, gently push both drive control levers downward or forward. To increase speed, move levers farther downward or forward as described on the picture above

What transmission controls drive system is?

Transmission controls drive system lets the Dixon mower to perform zero turning radius allowing mower to get into all difficult areas, levering controls on each side left and right. It is advised to drive your mower for appoximately 30 min for the first time before engaging the blades. In order to perform zero turning radius you need to put one of the controller levers maximum up while the other onto the reverse position

How to turn on a Dixon mower?

On Dixon mowers turning is controlled by moving one of the control levels forward- backward, up or down of the other. In order to turn left you need to position left control level up and push the right controller level down. In order to turn right you need to position right controller up and push the left controller down

How to brake a mower?

In order to brake your mower you need to move both levers in opposite direction to each other, then release levers onto a neutral position. Setting parking brake is a necessary and you shouldn’t park on a slope.

How to engage mower blades?

In order to switch on your mower blades you need to first locate its control panel- in most of the models it is located on the right side of operator and above the control panel. Once done, release parking brake. Take can be done by pushing the brake bail downward until the latch is fully engaged. Take the left control handle firmly and depress safety switch which is build in. Pay attention to keep constant pressure on the handle grip otherwise engine will stop rapidly. Lift blade switch with the right hand and pull it forward. In order to disangage blades push the switch in the other direction till it reaches off position.

What is height lift lever and where can I find it?

Mower height loft lever is located on the right hand side of the operator. It’s main purpose is to control the cutting height. In most Dixon mowers there are seven different positions you can choose from. In order to choose the right position you should either move lever in and forward or in and backward.

What is a circuit breaker and where is it located?

Circuit breaker is located on the right side of the operator on the control panel. Circuit breaker role is to protect the electrical system by using a breaker trip. Once your circuit breaker trips you will need to reset the mower to make it work again (just push reset button). However if situation happen more than  times during the cutting season we recommend to contact the local service station.

When and for what to change the motor oil?

Once purchased Bad Boy Mower will come with Shell 10w 30 motor oil and diesel mowers come with Shell 15W40 motor oil already in the engine. This motor oil will need to be exchanged during the first 50 hours of usage and then every 100 hours from that time on. Proper motor oil can easily be purchased at the local dealer or service station.
In order to exchange the motor oil you should
1. Locate the motor oil valve
2. Drain the mower by opening the valve and drain the oil
3. Close the valve
4. Re-fill the engine with the proper amount of new motor oil designed for your mower
5. Recycle the old oil properly

When and for what to change the motor oil?

The oil in the hydraulic system need to be changed once every season or whenever needed. Oil will need to be added whenever the level is 1 inch below the top f the tank. Current hydraulic oil should be replaced with high quality 15w-40 full synthetic motor oil. This oil can be purchased at a local dealer or service station shop. When replacing the hydraulic oil take into consideration that filters should be exchanged every 500 hours or once per season.

 How often should I grease my mower?

Your mower should be greased once per season or every 500 hours, whichever comes first

How to correct uneven cut?

Regulate operation control with ground speed. Cut with the full speed when grass is short and slow when grass is high. Make sure there is the same pressure in the left and right side tires. Make sure that bales are sharp and there is no debris on it. Pay attention that correct mowing height can reduce weeds and disease by up to 80%. Following heights are recommended depending on a grass type:

  • St. Augustine (Mid South) 1 1/2″ – 2″
  • Zoysia 2″ – 2 1/2″
  • Fescue Blends 1 1/2″ – 3″
  • Tifton Bermuda 1 1/2″
  • Bahia/Argentina/Pensacola- 2″
  • Blue Grass 1 1/2″ – 3″
  • St. Augustine (Deep South) 3″ – 4″
  • Centipede 1 1/2″ – 2″
  • Common Bermuda 11/2″- 2 “

What type of gasoline is advice for Dixon mowers? 

Standard unleaded gasoline or gasohol with an octane rating of 87 or higher can be used

Can I fix flat tire myself?

Flat tires need to be replaced in a Dixon mowers dealer station as should be repaired or replaced only in at a proper local service station or a tire shop, because Dixon mower tires should be removed from the wheel and the puncture patched properly.

How often, and what is the recommended procedure for cleaning my Dixon?

Dixon mowers should never be cleaned by high pressure commercial washes  as it easily leads to corrosion of electrical components or damage to the sealed bearings used on your mower. Dixon mowers should be cleaned by hand and with the use of the mild household soaps and low water pressure. You can also use a stiff brush to loosen excess grass and dirt build up. Water pressure shouldn’t be directed onto the mower deck hub assemblies, electrical wiring and engine components such as air filter openings. We recommend to to engage the mower deck for a short time to disperse all water from pulleys and belts, alternatively you can blow water extension off with compressed air.

How to operate my mower with  a mulching attachment?

When using a mulching attachment you will need to use your mower differently, especially with regards to bagging or discharging the grass. In order to maximize your mower usage you should always:

  • set appropriate mower speed
  • always have blades sharpened
  • don’t cut more than 3/4” at a time, cut twice if needed
  • choose top or second notch for the mower deck
  • never cut wet grass
  • kepp all attachment bolts tight
  • keep the underside of your mower clean at all times

In instances when you fell that your mower is no cutting good enough try the following:

  • cut your grass more frequently
  • raise the cut height setting
  • drive slowly
  • cut twice at the marginal areas


How to operate my mower with  a grass catcher attachment?

When using a grass catcher attachment you will need to use your mower a bit  different.In order to achieve optimum performance when mowing with a grass catching attachment you should

  • set the engine to full speed control
  • never cut wet grass, wet grass will accumulate underside the deck. Empty grass bags as often as needed
  • choose top or second notch for the mower deck
  • always remove the dry grass from under the deck
  • always have blades sharpened
  • kepp all attachment bolts tight
  • drive slowly
  • pay special attention to hanging branches that may hit the catcher when mowing
  • pay special attention when reversing not to allow pushing the grass bags into the hot exhaust muffler or/and engine
  • release the blades and stop engine before taking away the grass catcher components

Remember that bags with the grass are a fire hazard so store those properly or recycle.