Dixon zero turn quit working

Hi All,

I purchased 2 years old  42″ Dixon Zero Turn mower. And it worked fine for a week or so. Today I tried to start and it didn’t (although you could hear it is trying), so I turned the key again- but there was much less power, and then I tried for the third time- again less power, and for the fourth time it didn’t start. What is going on? Any idea what went wrong?


Hi George,

I think that you left the key is on position for too long and used the whole battery. Simply recharge the battery over the night and check again in the morning. Remember to clean the battery and all the wires. Remember to re-charge battery every now and then. Older mowers are sensitive to it.

Dixon mower cuts unevenly

Hi All,

I have a Dixon tractor mower and for years it was working fine. This year, I cut the grass for the first time, and unfortunately cut was uneven. Any idea what can cause such issue after years of usage, I assume it is not winterizing issue (gasoline, cleaning etc).

Thanks in advance


Hi Tom,

In most cases uneven cut is caused by different tire pressure on tractor sides. Check and refill with air if needed. Another idea is the shape of the blades- they could bent or dull during winterizing, alternatively there is a great amount of dirt on them that should be removed


Dixon mower moves to slow

Hi Folks

I am irritated by my Dixon mower mowing really slow. I have DX 254 model and it was when I purchased it I was told it can mowe with the speed of 12 mph, and what I get currently is not more than 3 mph, and even with this speed my mower gets all hot. What is going on? Anyone an idea?


Hi Mark,

Is your mower only slow or also moving unevenly. If also moving unevenly then it is a parking brake- you need to put it to off position before you start the engine. After this your mower should work fine. If not check if the transmission belt drive is not loose- this is second most common cause- you will need to tighten it. If both don’t help you will need to take it to the service as most probably hydraulic system will be faulty and it is not sth you can or should repair yourself.




My Dixon mower is overheating

Hi Folks,

I have a Dixon mower and it was working fine for years, but recently I realized that it is overheated, it becomes very hot after 1.5 hours of constant usage. Considering that wasn’t the case for the last 4 years, I think sth is breaking, especially that I think that last time I saw a smoke coming from under the hood. What can I do? Should I take it to service or it is sth I can fix myself?


Hi Ben,

Considering the age of your mower I would suggest that the cooling fins are blocked (remove whole debris from them). That is sth you can do yourself. If that helps, great, if not engine ventilation will need to be checked- and that can be done by you or if you are afraid take it to the service. During the service combustion chamber will be cleaned (rather not sth you can do yourself). Actually combustion chamber should be cleaned every 300 hours- you probably reached that number during the 5 years. Overheat can be caused by lack of oil- so make sure it is refilled.



DX152 won’t start

Hi Guys,

I have a Dixon mower, model DX152 and today morning I couldn’t start it. No idea what may be the issue. Anyone here had similar issue. I am not a tech person, but would appreciate any help, as I don’t have time or money to take to the service now.


Hi Bob,

First check if the parking brake is not on, and check if the battery is fine. If both ok, then investigate if there is enough gasoline and think when was it last tanked. If fuel is older than 30 days you will need to remove it and refill the tank- hopefully no damage to filters. Pay attention that fuel tank needs to be in the right position- otherwise mower won’t start. Also if all above checked/fix and mower don’t start then check if the blades level is set properly.


Dixon ZRT30 has an electrical problem

Hi Guys

I have a Dixon ZRT30 and it is almost 5 years old. I tried to start my tractor after the winter- put new fuel, check batteries etc and everything was fine till I did not try to start the engine. When I turn the key on it gives a click (I think it must be an anti-backfire). I check if the solenoid receives the power and unfortunately it is not when the key is turned. Should I try connecting solenoid to another relay? Is solenoid bad or it looks like something else?

Thanks for any suggestions


Hi John,

It is difficult to say based on your description, but I would vote for either safety switch relay (common issue for Dixon mowers) or accidentally engaged blade switch. Try if you you can run a small wire from the battery output and connect it with the solinoid. Turn the on and if what cranks then safety switch relay located under the seat is broken, if not then I would go with checking the blade switch.