Dixon ZRT30 has an electrical problem

Hi Guys

I have a Dixon ZRT30 and it is almost 5 years old. I tried to start my tractor after the winter- put new fuel, check batteries etc and everything was fine till I did not try to start the engine. When I turn the key on it gives a click (I think it must be an anti-backfire). I check if the solenoid receives the power and unfortunately it is not when the key is turned. Should I try connecting solenoid to another relay? Is solenoid bad or it looks like something else?

Thanks for any suggestions


Hi John,

It is difficult to say based on your description, but I would vote for either safety switch relay (common issue for Dixon mowers) or accidentally engaged blade switch. Try if you you can run a small wire from the battery output and connect it with the solinoid. Turn the on and if what cranks then safety switch relay located under the seat is broken, if not then I would go with checking the blade switch.