Dixon mower moves to slow

Hi Folks

I am irritated by my Dixon mower mowing really slow. I have DX 254 model and it was when I purchased it I was told it can mowe with the speed of 12 mph, and what I get currently is not more than 3 mph, and even with this speed my mower gets all hot. What is going on? Anyone an idea?


Hi Mark,

Is your mower only slow or also moving unevenly. If also moving unevenly then it is a parking brake- you need to put it to off position before you start the engine. After this your mower should work fine. If not check if the transmission belt drive is not loose- this is second most common cause- you will need to tighten it. If both don’t help you will need to take it to the service as most probably hydraulic system will be faulty and it is not sth you can or should repair yourself.