My Dixon mower is overheating

Hi Folks,

I have a Dixon mower and it was working fine for years, but recently I realized that it is overheated, it becomes very hot after 1.5 hours of constant usage. Considering that wasn’t the case for the last 4 years, I think sth is breaking, especially that I think that last time I saw a smoke coming from under the hood. What can I do? Should I take it to service or it is sth I can fix myself?


Hi Ben,

Considering the age of your mower I would suggest that the cooling fins are blocked (remove whole debris from them). That is sth you can do yourself. If that helps, great, if not engine ventilation will need to be checked- and that can be done by you or if you are afraid take it to the service. During the service combustion chamber will be cleaned (rather not sth you can do yourself). Actually combustion chamber should be cleaned every 300 hours- you probably reached that number during the 5 years. Overheat can be caused by lack of oil- so make sure it is refilled.